Perluxan™ is a proprietary, standardized supercritical extract of hops cones (Humulus lupulus L.) with multiple mechanisms of action based on alpha acids. These fractions were found to be potent and specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory chemicals and derivatives, giving Perluxan the power to reduce pain-causing compounds in a short time with a low dose.

Perluxan works in concert with numerous biochemical pathways responsible for inflammation with both enzymatic and non-enzymatic sources. Instead of taking weeks or months to begin working, Perluxan may activate to help relieve minor pain beginning with the first dose.

Perluxan is virtually devoid of the undesirable phytoestrogenic and sleep inducing compounds contained in normal hops extracts and powders.

Extensive in-vitro and in-vivo clinical research has been conducted over the last decade to establish the phytomedical credibility of Perluxan. Ongoing clinical studies aim to elucidate the multi-faceted effects of one of history's most well documented plants.